ALH Policies


Quality Policy

At the required time, at the correct cost, each and every time

The objective of ALH Systems Ltd is to design, manufacture, market and sell products and services to customers requirements at the required time, at the correct cost, each and every time a transaction occurs.

ALH Systems Ltd recognise that customer satisfaction is paramount. In pursuit of this objective, procedures and standards will be regularly reviewed and improved in order to achieve excellence.

How this will be achieved:

  • Holding annual management reviews, where Quality and efficiency will be analysed.
  • The Managing Director will set target levels for improvement. Thus attempting to continually improve systems and work methods.
  • Making Improvements regularly and quantifing them in terms of process, cost, time... etc
  • The Managing Director is committed to the achievements of the objective and showing their commitment to all employees through involvement, education and training.
  • Employees being made aware of the importance of the quality management system.



Ensuring continual improvement in environmental performance

ALH Systems Limited designs, develops and manufactures specialist products for the repair and maintenance of gas distributions networks as well as for applications in telecommunications, electrical, electronic and construction industry.

ALH Systems Limited is committed to conducting its operations in such a way that they are acceptable to the community at large in which they operate and that potential adverse effects on the environment are eliminated or controlled to a minimum.

Through the implementation of an Environmental Management System the Company is committed to prevent pollution, comply with relevant legal and other environmental requirements and to ensure continual improvement in its environmental performance through the setting and implementation of objectives and targets.

Environmental Policy

We aim to:

  • Take steps to minimise the generation of waste arising from its operations.
  • Ensure the efficient use of resources including energy, materials and packaging within its buildings, processes and products.
  • Ensure all hazardous waste, including that collected from customers, is properly managed and disposed of in line with legal requirements.
  • Carry out its activities in a way that will minimise nuisance to the local community.
  • Include an assessment of environmental matter in the factors to be taken into account when developing new products.



  • Training and ensuring all our employees understand the environmental impacts of their own jobs.
  • Informing all suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors of the requirement to comply with this policy when providing goods and services.
  • Reviewing environmental issues, on a regular basis, at the highest level within the organisation.
  • Reviewing this policy and its effectiveness on an annual basis.