Mike Groves

Management Systems Controller

Management Systems Controller

E: mgroves@alh-systems.co.uk
T: 01373 866231

Clive Stacey

Production Manager

Ensures the timely supply of manufactured high quality product through effective scheduling and close liaison with the operation team. Ensures efficient productivity through people management and equipment utilisation and also effective control through compliance with quality, safety and operating procedures.

E: cstacey@alh-systems.co.uk
T: 01373 866216

Jessica Beattie

HR & Payroll

Accounts Assistant

E: jbeattie@alh-systems.co.uk
T: 01373 866217
M: 07824 539410

Nick Wreyford

Financial Controller

Financial Controller

E: nwreyford@alh-systems.co.uk
T: 01373 866214
M: 07798 867609

Tim Smith

Warehouse Team Leader

Warehouse Team Leader.

T: 01373 858234