1 Litre Pressure Pot Mainspray Injection

Joint Repair

Mainspray is a two component anaerobic polymeric compound formulated for sealing leaking spigot and socket joints on cast iron and steel gas mains, conforming to GIS/LC12 specification. ALH Systems has developed a 1ltr pressure pot to directly inject Mainspray under pressure to reinvigorate and seal joints.

Leaking joints can now be treated without leaving the surface. This can have a big impact where a series of joints needs to be treated at frequent intervals along a main road. Long reach tooling allows the back of a socket to be drilled and tapped to accept a standard brass injection nipple. The repair product is injected into the joint using long delivery tubes and our 3litre or 1litre pressure pot.

The ALH 1ltr and 3ltr Mainspray pressure pot are designed for 3bar maximum working pressure. Both pots work in conjunction with the back of socket long handled tooling for above ground working.


1. Back of socket long handled tooling. This system is used to drill, tap and fit a brass injection nipple from above ground.

2. 1Ltr pressure pot, ideal for tier 1 joints. Portable, easy to use, requires very low maintenance.

3. 3ltr Large diameter pressure pot, suitable for 3”-48” joints. This system uses a spring balance to accurately measure the amount of sealant being dispensed.