Flowstopping Kit for MP Metering Installations – upto 4 Bar

ALH Systems has developed a unique bag that enables installers to flowstop 4 Bar supplies in a live environment without excavating.
The patented bag design enables a single operator to change an ECV within 15 minutes, reducing customer disruption.

Key Features

  • Fully patented design uses ‘petals’ to ensure the bag is completely secure and stops off upto 4 Bar
  •  Bags can be reused*
  • One-man meter worker operation means minimal disruption to the customer.
  • Fully removes the need for excavation, thereby reducing environmental impact and associated costs
  • Tether can be easily extended to enhance further capabilities.
  • Suitable for use on copper and PE services only— NOT for use on steel
  • 20 — 32mm PE
  • 22—28mm Copper
  • MOP 4 Bar
  • Fully gas-free operation and minimal tooling ensures ease of use

*network pressure-dependent