Main Spray

Mainspray Joint Repair Mainspray or internal anaerobic spraying is an advanced method of joint repair.

Combining the latest electronic joint location and advanced chemical engineering, Mainspray provides a unique method of joint repair for all pipe from 4” – 48”. This method has been used for some 25 years and has repaired well over a million joints world wide.

The latest generation of spray equipment has been designed around the operator, including:

  • Simple to load Pressure Pot
  • Digital liquid measurement
  • Electronic joint location
  • Slip ring technology
  • Medium pressure gland system
  • Bronze bushed
  • Distance control
  • Gas free working


  • Lowest cost leakage control and prevention solution available
  • Single point entry for multi point repair
  • Accurate Joint Location
  • Excavations can be located to minimise traffic congestion
  • Quick operation with reduced effort
  • Accurate volume of liquid sprayed
  • Fast and effective repair

Using the latest technology in joint location and spraying, considerable savings can be made in excavation, reinstatement and time. The specially designed electronic joint location system coupled with the internal spray head allows accurate location of joints and pin-point delivery of sealant into these joints.

Depending on pipe size and obstructions up to 60 metres can be pushed in each direction from a single drilling i.e. a total of some 120 metres of main can be treated from a single excavation.


1. Mainspray is suitable for use in 4″-18″ mains, using the 4” and 6”-18” standard Mainspray equipment through a 2” hole.

2. Mainspray is suitable for use in mains 24″ and above using direction spraying equipment through a 6” hole. A special large sonde is used which only sprays between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Orientation of the sonde is obtained using an angular displacement indicator (ADI), in addition to the joint location electronics. The sealant is allowed to gravitate to the lower part of the pipe.

3. Mainspray is a two part system supplied in 8 litre drums.

ALH Systems Ltd offer full training to clients with existing equipment and when new equipment is purchased. Operating instruction manuals are available together with spares and servicing manuals.


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