Resin Pack 9B (FR)

Resin Pack 9B (FR) is a two component non harmful polyurethane compound specifically formulated for use as a self curing closure sealant system for sealing polyethylene sheathed telecommunications cables into the bases of Sleeves 30A, 31A and 32A and Conduits for both construction and maintenance purposes
Key Features

  • Fully complies with BT Specification LN717 (Issue 3) – see test results table
  • Free of toxic heavy metals, carcinogens and VOC’s
  • Can be removed from closure if required
  • Non foaming when cured in water
  • Instantaneously fire retardant but halogen free
  • Gel time at ambient temperature:- 3 minutes
  • Gel time at 50°C:-2 minutes
  • Gel time at 0°C:- 6 minutes
  • Exhibits slight thixotropy
  • Hardness:- 60 Shore “A” with elongation at break of 230%
  • Cures down to -18°C