Series Six Light Rail Bedding Polyurethane

pouring rail track embedment solutionFor over 30 years, Series Six two-part modified polyurea has been used to embed light rail lines, providing vibration damping, long-term resistance to the environment and weather, prevention of road damage, and rail insulation.

This is a two-component modified polyurethane. The base component contains an amine as the reactive constituent blended with two highly chemical-resistant extenders and a reinforcing inorganic filler. The hardener component contains a polyisocyanate prepolymer blended with a range of stabilisers. When mixed together in the correct stoichiometric ratio, these two components will react to form a material with the following properties.
8 Litre Kits available, beds 3m of track.  Easy to mix and pour onsite.  Made and stocked in the UK.

Key Features

  • Excellent vibration damping
  • High flexibility
  • UV stable and hydrophobic, ensuring longevity
  • High resistance to abrasion and tear
  • High resistance to water, dilute acid, alkalis and salt solutions
  • Non-foaming material due to the rapid reaction of amine and isocyanate and low water susceptibility of individual components
  • High electrical resistance
  • No disbondment between
    • the encapsulant and substrate, e.g. concrete
    • the encapsulant and metal rail
  • No tearing or splitting of the encapsulant at or around small holes caused by air bubbles present on the surface