Series Six

Series Six is a two-part polyurethane external repair system for mechanical joints on low and medium pressure gas distribution mains. The technique can be used for all types of joints, including valves and tees, up to 48” in any situation. The kits are fully effective in heavy traffic high vibration areas.

Bespoke design services and on-site assistance are also available if required.

Series Six kits can be used for all types of joints in all situations and is fully effective in heavily traffic high vibration areas. ALH also offer a special design service and on site assistance if required. No job too big or too small.

Kits Available:

  • Low Pressure Lead Yarn 2 to 48 inch – Mechanical 2 to 48 inch (ALL Types)
  • Screw Glands Specials 10 PSI
  • Lead Yarn 2 to 48 inch – Mechanical 2 to 48 inch (All Types)
  • Specials 35 PSI (with Steel Shell)
  • VJC Hook