System 1 Beam Drilling

A new ‘top down working’ technique reduces operative risks by enabling gas-free maintenance without the need to send personnel into the excavation. The system employs a weighted beam to provide controlled downward force to create the gas-tight seal between the drilling base and the top of the main.

Significant savings

  • Operating costs
  • CO2 emissions, reinstatement and landfill materials
  • Traffic congestion and time taken to complete works
  • Risk of operator injury and damage to third party plant
  • Number of vehicles and processes involved

System parameters

  • Specially adapted drilling machine
  • Holes up to 2½” in diameter
  • 4” to 48” diameter mains
  • Up to 30 psi (2 bar) operating pressure
  • Depths of 300mm to 2,000mm


  • Camera surveys
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Water extraction
  • Mainspraying
  • Joint location
  • Service connections
  • Installation of pressure monitoring