System 4

This system has been designed to be used with keyhole or “small hole” excavations specifically for use with the latest core hole technology equipment. This technology enables gas free entry into live gas mains from road level. This equipment can be used in any excavation with a diameter larger than 450mm. “Small hole” or keyhole working is unlike conventional excavations as all work is done through an 18″/450mm core hole that is cut without the need for pneumatic drills.

Key Features

  • Metallic pipes in the size range 6” to 12” diameter
  • Pressures up to 2 bar
  • Depths up to 1.524 metres with a 450mm diameter excavation
  • Drilling and plugging up to 2”BSP diameter holes in metallic mains
  • Insertion of camera equipment ( LP systems)
  • Insertion of joint locator equipment (LP systems)
  • Insertion and deployment of flow stop equipment up to 12” diameter (LP systems)