Telecoms Applications

Here you will find various applications for resins designed by ALH Systems for use in the telecoms industry.

Cabinet Sealants

2022-11-30T19:33:52+00:00BT and electricity suppliers have roadside control cabinets that are installed onto concrete plinths. This concrete has to be sealed against the ingress of moisture which could cause failure of the internal components of the cabinet. ALH Systems have sealants that are approved for this purpose.|

Fibre Optic

2022-11-30T20:24:45+00:00ALH offers a range for approved product for sealing fibre optic closures and joints.|

Pole Repair

2022-11-30T20:36:57+00:00LN725 Pole Repair Resin is a two component thixotropic epoxy compound specifically formulated for the repair of cracks and damage to telegraph poles.|

Air Block

2022-11-30T20:42:50+00:00Resin Pack 2B is a two component polyurethane compound specifically formulated for use in the construction of horizontal and vertical air blocks in pressurised telecommunications cables.|

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