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For four decades ALH Systems Limited has been the leader of innovation in the gas,
telecommunication, electronics and construction industries.


Four decades of knowledge


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Gas Sector Products

ALH Systems supplies equipment to more than 20 countries and offers a total distribution maintenance package, including gas free working, flowstopping, leakage control and reinstatement. .

Flowstopping Products

Flowstopping is a safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective system for maintenance, repair and modification of distribution networks whilst preserving continuity of supply.

Leakage Control Products

ALH offer a full range of products approved to GIS approved and Kite Marked products for the repair and maintenance of gas pipe lines.

Reinstatement Products

A range of products for repairing bar holes and core holes in footpaths and roads.

Gas Free Maintenance

Full range of products to the live gas free working, including drilling and Flowstopping equipment for low and medium pressure pipes range from 3”-48”.


With a team of chemist and engineers ALH can offer from its standard range of products or look at formulating bespoke products and advising on applications methods.


Epoxy and Polyurethane resins for electrical and electronic applications. Filled/unfilled thermally conductive, flame retardant encapsulation and potting resins.


ALH offer a a full range to resins for telecommunication applications, cabinet sealing, air blocks and duct sealants.


Polyurethane and epoxy resins for construction application rail embedment , expansion joint sealants and duct sealants.

Four decades of quality service

ALH Systems Limited was formed in 1976 specifically to develop and market new products for the repair and maintenance of gas distribution networks. Three decades of working in the world’s gas industry has given ALH Systems Limited extensive experience in this field.